Our Clients

We love diversity and challenges in our works. We don't stick with one style or one type of work. We are thankful to our clients for choosing Shanghai Appmaker and letting us bring them the best digital solutions possible.

  • Zoe Clark / Marketing Director, Sherpa's Food Delivery Service

    Are and his team have been, and continue to be, fantastic consultants for all things technical. He has the ability to explain technical things in real layman’s terms to the most technically backwards people. They follow deadlines to the minute and give honest and direct feedback about everything. Thank you, Shanghai AppMaker!

  • Leopold Guarin / Tournament Organizer , Shanghai Rolex Masters

    In order to give the players of Shanghai Rolex Masters Tennis Tournament an even better experience, we hired Shanghai Appmaker to make an app that could be used for players and personnel as an information center. One of our main requirements was that the app had to work perfectly for the week of the tournament, because we would not have any time for app updates or bug fixes. The app worked perfectly across all platforms, and both players and tournament organizers were more than happy with the product and results. We strongly recommend Shanghai Appmaker to anyone.

  • Jordan Morley / CEO, iJudgefights

    Are Kvaal is a great technical lead and runs a tight scrum. He always gives a detailed weekly breakdown after each sprint meeting. We have been very happy with him and his team and have recommended him to a few others we know. We have worked with other groups in Shanghai but Shanghai Appmaker has done the best work and we will continue to work with them ongoing with our app projects.

  • Christian Thomassen / CEO, Panda Display

    We wanted a software company that could make a good looking and easy to use e-commerce website and mobile website for our business. It was also out of outmost importance that it would be stable, since it is our only sales-channel for our products, and any downtime would mean lost money. Shanghai Appmaker delivered a solution we are proud of, and more than happy with, and so far still have 0% downtime! Great solutions and high quality.

Our Services

We are not just a developer company. For each project, we take in consideration three different perspectives: Technical, Business and User.


We love making games, who doesn’t? We can help you from your idea, flesh out a concept, do the storyboard, character and UI design and gameplay, as well as how to achieve user retention.

We have a special interest in Educational Games, since we believe learning can be made much more fun, than the way it currently is in the schools around the world. So, if you want to make the world a better place, let us know, we will help.


iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile Apps, you name it, we make it.

Web apps-  with a native wrapper they can work on all platforms. They are highly changeable and faster to make than native apps. We fell in love with them, and we are sure we can make you fall in love with them too!

Native apps- when your game or application needs to utilize the maximum power of the device, we can create them with no hesitation.


More than ever, websites now play a big role in the success of a business. We are surrounded with tons of different technology devices, and it is no longer acceptable that a website only works on computers, it needs to be responsive, mobile yet smooth and beautiful.

So what are you waiting for? Change your old website, make it mobile, make it pretty or just create your first and awesome one!

Our Team

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    Junior Developer

    About Liao

    Liao Long is a developer from China, and is also the newest member of the team. He single-handedly did the implementation of the mobile website for China’s biggest food delivery service after just joining us for 1 week. Liao is a very accurate developer, who looks for perfection in his work. He is gaining great experience in mobile app and web development, is a fast-learner and productive worker. We are very excited with him joining the Shanghai Appmaker team.

    Two-word description: Fast-learner & Motivated.

  • Testimonial


    Junior Developer

    About Jameson

    Jameson Knoll is a developer from Canada, grew up in North East of the United States. He moved to Shanghai to study chinese after college and fell in love with China. Jameson has been working with startups in Shanghai and Beijing since then. He is driven in work and loves to solve problems, he always pushes to finish the work within deadline and to deliver best quality possible. Jameson is one the newest additions to our main team and we could not be happier!

    Two-word description: Enterprising & Optimistic.

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    Operations Director

    About Jim

    Jim Hallett originally is from Australia and has been living in China for over 8 years. Jim has over 20 years of experience in Management, IT, Project, COO, and GM. A lateral thinker specialising in finding new and innovative solutions across a variety of industries. Hard working, focused on customer requirements and meeting deadlines. Passionate on seeking new technologies and ways to implement them. Jim truly is The-Workaholic of SHAppmaker, who arrives before you and leaves after you, always! Professional, yet has great humor, you’ll never be disappointed working with Jim.

    Two-word description: Innovative & Problem-solver.

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    CEO & Founder

    About Are

    From Norway with more than 10 years in the software industry, Are is an expert in the field. Before establishing Shanghai Appmaker, Are has worked as COO for 2 and half years in a game development company in Shanghai. Until he found his dream land – China, Are had worked on numerous IT projects in 6 different companies doing testing, tech support, programming and project management all over the world. He is a creative, hard-working person, who is passionate about what he does and always aims for best results.

    Two-word description: Smart & Driven

  • Testimonial

    James Thickett

    UI & Graphic Designer

    About James Thickett

    James Thickett is a designer from UK. He does not limit himself to any kind of art & design, from interior to graphic. James joined us as an UI designer, and with his help, we have had very happy clients about the beautiful, trendy visual and user friendly works. And we all know, that does not come from an average designer!

    Two-word description: Creative & Quality.

  • Testimonial


    Senior Developer

    About Smith

    Smith Shi is our senior developer from China. Graduated in Computer Science from Henan University, he is a greatly experienced touchscreen app programmer. His skills include: php, javascript, html, css, mysql, sails, jquery, backbone, bootstrap and node. He loves technology and always looks for new challenges in work. Smith is always focused on everything he does and has great ability to work under pressure.

    Two-word description: Versatile & Dedicated.

Get in touch with us

With the rapid development of technology nowadays, we are always opened to new challenges, excited to be able to take part in creative projects. So if you want to do something creative, drop us a line!


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